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Fall 2015 C2C Series

The topic of the Fall 2015 C2C seminar series is "Foundations and Applications of Big Data".

Given the increasing amount of digital information, many disciplines are bringing together data from difference sources in an effort to generate new knowledge, weigh and mitigate risks, contribute more effectively to public policy and mobilize for positive social change. In a world which apparently digitizes everything but not everyone, there is a battle for access, and pressing need to develop the skills for analytic and interpretive reasoning, to mobilize big data in the public interest. Yet the applicability of new analytic resources and processes is constrained by economic, legal and socio-political factors.

The key questions that will be addressed during the series will be:

  • What is big data?
  • What can be done with it?
  • What should be done with it?

This upcoming Coast to Coast Seminar Series on Big Data focuses on some of the exceptional work that is currently being done in this field across Canada, and sets the stage for the SFU President’s Dream Colloquium on Engaging Big Data scheduled for the first semester of 2016. It highlights how solutions to this complex problem of collecting, managing, understanding, and using big data will shape the future of science as we know it and the way how we live our day-to-day lives.

The coordinator of the Spring 2015 Coast to Coast Seminar Series is Dr. Fred Popowich from the SFU School of Computing Science.

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