Coast to Coast Seminars - The Goals

Testing the technology The main goal of the Coast to Coast Seminar Series is to give an opportunity to scientific communities from various Canadian universities to collaborate and share their interests. At the same time, the C2C seminars aim to achieve several other equally important goals:

  • To learn and understand the issues related to the organization and the running of a regular scientific event attended by a large number of universities in different time zones
  • To set the standards for this type of event for the future
  • To test the available technology
  • To motivate the creation of new technological tools and to encourage the improvement of the existing tools
  • To provide an opportunity to faculties to gain experience with presenting through a still relatively new medium
  • To educate the audience attending the seminar about the protocols and etiquette involved
  • To reduce the costs of inviting distinguished speakers
  • To justify the investment in the technology and in the people involved
  • To build a C2C community.
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